Day 6

We're building a startup in 80 days in public. Day 6 was on Jan 17 '22. You can find today's entry at Day 67.

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Recap Week #1!

We started the 80-day startup one week ago, so time for a recap!

The past week was like pouring a foundation of sorts. Much of what we’ve started isn’t really visible yet, but we’ve decided on what (and why) we’re going to build so that the actual building and marketing can begin. Some important decisions and topics we wrote about were:

The idea

As we discussed on Day 3, we’re going to build Thymer: an editor (IDE), but for tasks and planning. We want to solve the problem we keep ending up with todo.txt files because it’s way faster to type out thoughts that way. It just doesn’t scale well, there’s no structure and doesn’t work in teams. We believe an editor specifically tailored to tasks and planning would be the best of both worlds. Productivity is a very busy space, but we think it would be a novel approach compared to classic todo lists and Kanban-style apps. And as a nice bonus it fits the 80-day startup well in terms of topics we’d cover!

What’s next

As we wrote in the initial stages of a SaaS product, we’re now moving on from the Idea phase to the Prototype phase. We’ll start to work out the exact details and prototype parts of the product, while we come up with a way to find some initial users in our target audience who might be interested in the product.

As a preview of some of the technical prototyping for the coming days, we livestreamed some initial coding we did today.


As always you can view all topics we’ve written about so far at

We also decided this was a good time to finally start using Twitter. You can follow Diederik at and Wim at (Wim’s livestream is at


Thanks for following our story! Let us know on Twitter or at [email protected] if you have any questions or topics you would like us to cover 🙂

First (live!) coding: virtual scrolling

Started with a first bit of coding on the app today! We have to discuss exactly what features we want to build over the coming days and weeks, but I thought I’d quickly start with prototyping a small core component to see if that works as expected.

As an experiment I gave coding in a livestream a try, you can watch it below if you’re interested in a glimpse behind the scenes.

Many apps on the web get very slow when you add a lot of items, and as our app should be as fast as an editor, we want to make sure it works great when you’re adding thousands of tasks or ideas. A technique to speed things up when having to show many items is called virtual scrolling, which I tried to start with today. I’ll also write up a more detailed post about how it works later.

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