More livecoding

After working on some marketing yesterday, it was time for a bit more prototyping of the app today. At this stage we’re not coding the full functionality of the app yet, but we want to check if certain techniques we had in mind work well or if we need to go back to the drawing board even before we begin.

We’ll try a few of these components and meanwhile start working on some design drafts, so we can create some initial mockups + “screenshots” for our landing/marketing page, and collect an initial list of users interested in a private beta/early access.

If you’re interested in some coding and behind-the-scenes, you can find the latest livestream on Twitch (update: now on YouTube):

First (live!) coding: virtual scrolling

Started with a first bit of coding on the app today! We have to discuss exactly what features we want to build over the coming days and weeks, but I thought I’d quickly start with prototyping a small core component to see if that works as expected.

As an experiment I gave coding in a livestream a try, you can watch it below if you’re interested in a glimpse behind the scenes.

Many apps on the web get very slow when you add a lot of items, and as our app should be as fast as an editor, we want to make sure it works great when you’re adding thousands of tasks or ideas. A technique to speed things up when having to show many items is called virtual scrolling, which I tried to start with today. I’ll also write up a more detailed post about how it works later.