Day 45

We're building a startup in 80 days in public. Day 45 was on Mar 11 '22. You can find today's entry at Day 67.

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Recap @ Day 45

Time for the latest recap!

Just like last time, we’ve spent a lot of days coding again to finish an MVP for Thymer as soon as possible. Unfortunately bouts of COVID are putting a bit of a spanner in the works for us, so not as productive as before, but we still managed to get quite some things done. To get a bit of an idea, these are some of the features we’ve been working on:

  • save the changes you make in Thymer (sounds like a must-have right πŸ˜‰ )
  • send and sync those changes with the server
  • resolve “conflicts” (if two different changes have been made to the same part)
  • line wrapping in the editor
  • indent and de-indent lines
  • open different parts of the doc in different panels
  • basics for auto complete in the editor
  • handling tags

We wrote a bit more about the technical related work in: Some database design strategies, Data & event handling in the app, Insecure defaults considered harmful, Look ma, no dependencies!.

With 7 weeks left, there’s still a lot do! We need to integrate the editor with the data part, we need command menus and planning features, basic account management and more.

On the business and marketing side of things, there’s plenty work left as well. One of the aspects is pricing, which we wrote a bit about in Calculating SaaS pricing in reverse. We also already want to think of other marketing activities we can do around the launch, to get some additional traffic. Perhaps some strategies from Viral Loops. The launch list on the landing page is growing slowly too, and we’re still planning to post about the site in other places, and see if we can get some more signups (once we get around to that, we’ll post the results of that as well).

And as usual we’ve written more articles about our thoughts on starting and running a business: Your app needs a USP, Reduce, Basic strategies for validating startup ideas, Assert all the things, Randomness is a perspective.

Thanks again for following our story! You can see our daily updates on Twitter (@wcoolsΒ andΒ @jdvhouten). Or drop us a line atΒ [email protected]Β for any reason. We’re always excited to hear from people πŸ™‚

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