Work/new-life balance

Earlier this month we wrote about the importance of taking breaks so we can keep running these rollercoaster marathons, which is what running a startup is in many ways.

You might have noticed we’ve started another break, this time because of some happy personal news: I became a father a few days ago! I’m happy, proud, and as to be expected, exhausted ;).

So it’s time for me to take a break and enjoy time with our little addition to the family (the 18-year startup!).

Whenever one of us takes a break we’ll just pause the project/blogging here, as we’re also running our existing business in parallel with this project. We’ll be back soon to continue with daily updates on the work towards finishing the MVP and the launch for Thymer!

You can follow us on Twitter @jdvhouten and @wcools and look for #80daystartup

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